Injury recovery: How to get through a long run

Last weekend I completed what I would call my first ‘long run’ since injuring myself a year ago. My last run over 10km was at the New York Marathon on the 3rd November 2013. Since then I’ve been to countless physio and osteo appointments, and attempted a few short runs here and there to test my back.

I’m attempting to train for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October so I needed to start upping my mileage. On Sunday I set out to do 7 miles, I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Below are my tips for getting through a long run post-injury:

– Realise that you aren’t the runner you were pre-injury, but that’s not to say you can’t get back to that point.

– Know that it’s OK to stop. I think I stopped over 6 times in total on my run. I cheated and paused my Nike +, but I needed to stop at certain points to stretch my back and have a quick breather.

– When faced with a big hill no one is going to judge you if you walk up it.

– Don’t think about the speed. Charlie and Ashley’s advice the night before really stuck with me:

My pace was slow! The slowest I’ve ever run, but on the bright side I had negative splits! Woohoo (every cloud…)

– Ignore the speedy people runneing past you. Lucky them they aren’t injured, deal with it.

– Remember why you run.

– Imagine how you will feel when you finish. You’ll never regret a workout.

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  1. September 21, 2014 / 8:17 am

    Some great tips! I've also been training for a half after coming back from injury and its tough to feel like you're starting again. I've been using a run-walk method to build things up and not overload my weak hip which seems to be working- 10miles today! You sound to be doing great, keep up the positive thinking :-) X

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