Welcome to Miles Fitter (previously London & Me). This site encompasses all things running, health and fitness related, whether it be about marathon training, sharing new fitness crazes or rustling up something in the kitchen (albeit quite badly), you can find it here.

To introduce myself, I’m Zoe, a late twenty-something fitness enthusiast. Rather than ramble away I thought I’d tell you a little about me with some quick fire questions:


Origin: Londoner (yes you can have children in the city – we still turn out OK).

Current location: London.

Age: 28 (too close to 30 and being a full time grown up).

Career: I work in Advertising and blog on the side.

University: I studied History at the University of Leeds.

Blog journey: I started blogging in February 2012 to document my life. It quickly evolved into a running/health/fitness blog as I became more obsessed with running.

Running history: I started running in May 2011, before then I could be found on the sofa watching TV and eating.

Running philosphy: Anyone can run if they want to. I started by running around the block (so I was never too far from home).

Running highlights: Completing my first marathon in Berlin (2012) and running the New York marathon in 2014.

Running problem (because every runner has one): my heart loves marathons, but my body doesn’t (I’ve run all three marathons with an injury).

Running ambition: to complete all six marathon majors (Chicago, Boston and Tokyo to go).


Favourite non-running exercise: Yoga, as it compliments running.

Fitness ambition: 1) To be toned and have a tummy with some definition (not a six-pack). 2) Be more flexible (touching my toes is currently a struggle – I have the world’s tightest hamstrings!

What’s next? I’d like to do another triathlon. I tried one, didn’t love it, but think I need to give it another go.

Favourite sports brands: Too hard to choose, but particularly obsessed with Nike trainers.

Favourite running quotes: ‘It’s not meant to be easy’ / ‘Pain is temporary, pride is forever.’

Other half: Is luckily also a passionate runner. He’s on marathon number 16!

Favourite food: Burgers…oh I mean kale…maybe.

Weakness: Chocolate and/or sweets.

Health goal: To drink less diet coke and eat more vegetables.

Zoe x

P.S. If you have any questions or want to get in touch please head over to the contact page here.



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  1. September 12, 2014 / 6:19 pm

    Nice one ! Well done for London triathlon.
    Please follow my blog to share our training madness !

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