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Much more than just personal training

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Hi I'm Tim, welcome to my website. I've been in the fitness industry for over 12 years now, prior to that I was a solicitor for 16 years but approaching mid-life I realised I could not sit at a desk for the next 20 years and needed a fresh challenge. Sport and fitness have always been a huge part of my life having played representative cricket, badminton and table tennis. I still turn out for East Preston Cricket Club and enjoy a round of golf on the Littlehampton links where I have recently become a single figure handicap golfer.

I'm a level 4 personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist. I also have level 4 qualifications in sports and remedial massage therapy and in dealing with chronic conditions such  as cancer, osteoporosis, and lower back pain. I have the level 2 fitness qualification with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) who specialise in golf fitness and biomechanics, which has added a wealth of knowledge and know how in relation to mobility, stability, strength and power.

My ethos is to get to know my clients and what they really want to achieve. Together we set up a programme to help reach their goals and to then celebrate achievements. Many clients have trained with me for a number of years and most have become good friends.

I am married with two sons, three step children and live near Bognor Regis where I sometimes work from and from the Littlehampton Wave gym and leisure centre, where I enjoy excellent support.

Tim Miles



We all have to start our fitness journey somewhere! Olympic athletes, professional sportspeople, even Arnie Schwarzenegger were all beginners at some point. Joining a gym or putting your name down for your first spin class is a big step and overcoming such barriers is more than half the battle in  achieving your health and fitness goals.
Whilst most gyms offer 'induction' sessions they can leave you confused and even drain the positive vibe that prompted you joining in the first place. I can help put this right, build a realistic gym programme and build your confidence at the same time.


"On entering the gym I found everything daunting and frankly quite stressful. I felt all eyes were on me and on what I was attempting to do. Trying to remember what I'd been told during my induction was hopeless. Tim immediately put me at ease and drafted a gym programme that worked for me and that I had confidence tackling by myself whether eyes were on my or not!"  

VICKY M (38)

"As a novice gym user, I don't always know which equipment to use or even how to use it properly! I decided to try a personal trainer to give me some pointers. Tim makes a visit to the gym a much better experience for me as he knows what I want from the workout. He makes me work hard, but he has a great sense of humour and also gives great encouragement when you need it. Tim is also very good at relieving any aches and pains you may have. Going to the gym with Tim is Miles Better, and I'm Miles Fitter!!"




About Me
Gym Beginners


'Tim studied my food diary for a normal week, including a take-away and a couple of bottles of vino. He calmly suggested the much heralded 5 - 2 intermittent fasting diet programme, gave me some great menu choices and with no little self determination, gym work and support from Tim, I lost 40 lbs in 7 months! Doing a 5 - 1 diet now to maintain my gains, so all good.'

Helen P (55)



'All I want is to lose weight and tone up'

The most popular cry from new gym members. Unfortunately the truth is that losing fat weight in the gym is massively difficult and hard work. Sure you'll burn more calories doing a workout than watching telly, but half an hour on the cross trainer will probably only burn off half a Hobnob! Much easier just not to eat the Hobnob in the first place!! A gastric band around the fridge is what's needed, ALLIED to gym work. If you don't get your eating habits sorted no amount of gym will lose the fat weight you want. I can help you get the right balance without making massive and depressing changes to your diet.

Diet & Weight Management


Regrettably it is part of the aging process, for the vast majority of us, to lose muscle mass and significant mobility in our soft tissue and joints. It creeps up on us, and the sad fact is that a fall, caused by loss of stability, followed by a long stay in hospital due to injuries sustained, is what contributes largely to our demise. BUT, and it's a BIG BUT, you CAN do something about it. Mother Nature is happiest when we try and help ourselves and improvements to your mobility and stability can be made at any age, promise!!

Mobility and Stability


'I've been working with Tim for well over 10 years and always found him to be professional, knowledgeable and good fun. My emphasis, following a number of health issues, was on improving my mobility and stability which are much improved and maintained. I can also say that Tim has added more than 30 yards to my golf drives!'


Bill I (66)

Increased Stamina and Energy


When any fitness level is measured a great part of that relates to what most people would call stamina or energy. How the body uses and transports oxygen around the body is key to getting and maintaining health and fitness. Our hearts and lungs do become less efficient as we age but will respond positively if we are careful in increasing cardio vascular exercise. It stands to reason that the further up the fitness ladder we can climb before inevitable decline occurs, the better our chances of being around longer and with a better quality of life!


'Tim has been my PT for over a decade! He must be good as I keep going back. Tim has expert knowledge and I am confident in his ability to push me whilst knowing my limitations. He will mix up our sessions and concentrate on  that I want to focus on.

Tim has also trained my husband and daughter and met their very different needs. Tim is warm and encouraging but still gets the best out of me. He has a great sense of humour and I am proud to say he is a friend.'

Karen C (50)

I'll bring the ladder!
Running Couple
Lifting Weights


Building or maintaining strength and power is fundamental to keeping fitness levels high and in coping with everyday tasks, let alone trying to bench press a new personal best. Losing muscle mass is inevitable as we age, building it remains an option for everyone, whatever age. Get in touch if you need to improve your strength levels. Power is really just strength + speed and is a natural progression as strength levels improve.

Strength and Power


'I've been training with Tim for just over 6 months now. The gains I've made are staggering! I've made significant changes to lifestyle and diet on Tim's advice which have made the difference from just 'playing' at weight training and really taking it seriously by following strict routines and protocols. 


Steve K (35)

jump start your muscles!

'Tim was instrumental at the start of my strength and fitness journey. I'm currently Crossfit ranked 3 in Europe (55 - 59 age category), following this year's (2022) European Masters comp in Budapest and aiming higher next year!!'  Simply put, Tim knows his stuff!'

Troy S (55)


'Tim has helped me prioritise my strength training and understand that good technique and planning is all important.
Tim is very well qualified and experienced in how the body works, and doesn't! In particular, how the female body works and reacts to strength and fitness training.'

Zoe S (30)



Our NHS do an amazing job but inevitably due to Covid and ever present financial and staffing pressures, much needed pre and post surgery advice and guidance is seldom given. This leaves patients largely in the dark as to how to make recovery easier with correct pre-habilitation, or whilst recovering, the correct protocols for a successful re-habilitation back to full function and fitness. 
If you have had or are awaiting knee, hip or shoulder replacement, or other more minor surgery, I can advise on correct exercise prescription, remedial gym and pre-hab/re-hab protocols.

'I've been seeing Tim for 12 years, and have just turned 79. He's seen me through 2 knee replacements, one hip replacement and, more recently, a shoulder replacement. I had no issues following surgery and am certain this had everything to do with Tim's pre-hab and re-hab sessions that have kept me a  healthy and active farmers wife.'
Mary C (79)

'I have been working with Tim for over a year now. He has been key in my recovery from two total knee replacements. Tim's pre and post op physical plans have been complemented by both my consultant surgeon and physiotherapist.
You get much more out of a gym session with Tim motivating you and the gains made make him much more than your average personal trainer.'
Chris L (63)

'I have known Tim for a good few years, going back to Esporta and Virgin Active days in Rustington, and have had a number of 1 2 1 gym sessions with him.
During the last few months he has been especially helpful in getting me back to some sort of fitness after issues following knee replacement surgery and, more recently, triple heart bypass surgery.
His help and encouragement has given me huge confidence to move forward.
Tim is a trainer and therapist who will cater for your individual needs and I would thoroughly  recommend him to anyone needing to get back to fitness.'
Malcolm T (73)




I have Level 4 qualifications in sports and remedial massage therapy along with the treatment and maintenance of sports injuries. Essentially therefore I can beast you then fix you!! Seriously, the knowledge gained in these subjects has been invaluable in my ability to deliver effective and relevant personal training and strength and conditioning programmes. If you are unfortunate enough to incur a soft tissue injury, I'm your man.



Designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused from repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma. The application of sports massage prior to and after exercise may enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury. Nuff said!



Sports injury involves damage to part of your body due to sports, exercise or athletic activities. Of course similar strains and sprains can just as easily be caused in every day activities like gardening or just lifting a toddler onto your shoulders. Injury can be acute (sudden) or chronic (developed over time). I can help get you back to fitness with effective treatment including strapping and use of kinesiology taping as well as tailor made re-hab programmes. All good!

Sports Massage
Sports Injury
Specialist Golf Fitness Training


I was recommended to see Tim to assess my general and golfing mobility, strength and power using the TPI screening protocols and then to address any weaknesses with follow up 1 2 1 PT sessions. I had been nursing a shoulder injury leading up to this but Tim was able to provide great advice and put together relevant, effective and safe exercise drills and programmes that helped greatly with all aspects of my golf fitness and rehab goals. Great knowledge, well structured sessions and professionally delivered.'

Charlie Strickland, Sussex golf pro

Charlie Strickland golf pro.png
Charlie Strickland golf pro.png

'I've been training with Tim for over 7 years and because we are golfing buddies, I urged him to take a look at the TPI set up and consider enrolling on their courses to give him specific and expert golf fitness knowledge. I am pleased to say that he took my advice and has provided both me and many other club golfers of all ages and abilities, with effective and relevant golfing fitness advice, allowing them to play pain free, and for longer, Many local club pro's recommend his services, and I can't recommend Tim highly enough.'

John Hudson, Sussex County Seniors representative 

'Heard very good things about TPI from my golf coach in terms of improving my fitness for golf. Tim appeared on the 'find an expert' part of the TPI website and after a meet up at the local golf range we arranged a screening appointment.Simply put, my average club head speed increased by 4mph in just 12 weeks which equated to an 11mph increase in ball speed using my driver. My coach was more than impressed, as I was! The method for strength, power and mobility improvements are sound at whatever age and standard, and I have no hesitation in recommending Tim to my clients when I see that he can make a difference in their golfing progression, and often work alongside him as TPI promotes.'

Harry Worner, assistant golf pro West Sussex golf club

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